Promoting Healthier Workplaces With Beautiful and Functional Staircase Design

With obesity on the rise, how can we get people to use stairs more in favor of escalators and elevators? Source: Flickr

There's no doubt about it; obesity in America has become an epidemic. Recent statistics tell us one-third of all Americans are obese and more than 70% are overweight. It's well and good to encourage people to eat healthier, park further away from buildings or to take the stairs. However, we wonder what it would look like if the design of public buildings and … [Read more...]

Leslie Saul Explains: Designing Harmonious Outdoor Spaces

There should be a sense of transition with your outdoor spaces.

Designing harmonious outdoor spaces allows natural surroundings to become an extension of interior living spaces. Ideally, each stage of your outdoor design will transition to the next, so a dining or living area will open to a patio or transitional space, which will lead to a lawn or garden space, which leads to a pool or gazebo, and so on. Keeping an … [Read more...]

Have You Noticed?

Shadows in the Ocean

Have You Noticed? That shadows in the deep snow look bright blue, but shadows in the deep ocean look dark gray/green/purple? Sand (from the city plows) and carbon black (from the exhaust of cars and trucks) make the snow along city streets and highways turn a yucky brown/black, but have you noticed that the fresh snow seems even whiter by … [Read more...]

Art in Action: Beautiful Sand and Snow Sculptures

Some people might argue that Boston had seen enough ice, but the sublime work of ice-sculptor Donald Chapelle proved otherwise. Source: Donald Chapelle

Did you attend Boston First Night? If so, you'll remember that it rained quite a bit, and was so warm that the public worried that the celebrated ice sculpture artists wouldn't be able to carve the ice at all, or that the resulting sculptures wouldn't last. Fortunately, the temperatures dropped low enough that the 2015 Boston First Night sculptures were able … [Read more...]

A Look at Niche Retirement Communities

Looking for help creating a niche retirement community? Your team at Leslie Saul with help you create a community that beautifully offers form and function to it's community. Source: ShantiNiketan

They say that birds of a feather flock together, and that is increasingly the case in niche retirement communities. Gone are the days when you move into your new retirement community and hope to find people like you. These days, all you have to do is identify your primary interests and odds are there is a niche retirement community that caters to … [Read more...]

How Memory Care Design Misses the Mark – and What Can Be Done to Fix it

Three ways that memory care design can seemlessly fuse both aesthetically pleasing form with necessary function that enhances and enriches the lives of it's occupants.

Memory care design is a unique niche in the senior living sector. While much has been done to improve the environments of senior living communities that focus on memory care, the large majority of these facilities are still missing the mark. Memory Care Design That Realistically Blends Aesthetics and Function Here are suggestions for how memory … [Read more...]

Creating Work Spaces That Yield Both Happy and Healthy Employees

A new wave of modern office design puts the idea of work as a fun place to be at the forefront.

It makes perfect sense that happy and healthy employees make better workers. They are more productive, loyal to the company and are less likely to be out sick. So, perhaps modern office design should put as much emphasis on creating spaces that facilitate worker satisfaction as it does on aesthetics and functionality. Office Design for Happy, Healthy … [Read more...]

A Re-Evaluation of Temporary Structure Design

Instead of sticking with the traditional "inside-the-box" look of a portable classroom, why not revise the design and inject some new life into it and create a fun place for children to learn and play.  Source:

Anyone with a child in the public school system is familiar with the "Portable." Portables are those bland, box-like, single-wide trailers that are trucked in to serve as "temporary classrooms" and wind up lingering for decades because new school construction always lags behind the school's population needs and the district's budget. Unfortunately, … [Read more...]

Celebrating Passion for the Workplace: A Look At the Story Behind the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge boasts a genesis that is rooted in the immeasurable determination of father and son duo, John and Washington Roebling.  Source: wikipedia commons

I am always inspired by those who are passionate about their careers and goals and who go the extra mile to make their visions a reality. Aren't we all? The building of the Brooklyn Bridge is a story of determination and passion that we are truly inspired by. Ever feel a little discouraged about accomplishing your goals? Bookmark this blog for … [Read more...]

A Look at the Resurgence of 80’s Style in Today’s Fashion and Design

Source: Houzz

Taking a look at current fashion and design trends brings two common adages to mind: "to everything, turn, turn, turn" and "never say never." Fashion and furniture trends of the 80's are making a decided comeback (skinny jeans, nearly-neon colors, and chunky, shiny, lacquered accents are just a few of the things that come to mind). Does this mean bad hair … [Read more...]

What the Rising Construction Costs Mean for the Future of New Home Builds

While interest rates have remained low, the cost of building construction has steadily increased with the demand for new properties.

Rising construction costs are nothing new, and the cost of building a new home increases as time passes. Inflation, cost of materials, cost of labor, regulation, and many other factors drive these increases. As of this month, the cost of building a home in the United States has risen continually for 35 straight months. With interest rates remaining low, and … [Read more...]