A Look at The Playhouse Real Estate Market

Bright Kids Playhouses

Perhaps our first experience with architecture and design revolve around the iconic tree house or playhouse. It is in these magical hideaways that we began to think for ourselves, evaluate the world around us or escape into imaginative fantasy lands. Designing spaces for children requires adults to reconnect with that often dormant part of themselves - the … [Read more...]

When Should You Call in a Structural Engineer?

structural engineer and architect

Structural engineers play a vital role in the preliminary design and building stages of private home and commercial construction. However, they're also necessary in multiple situations that crop up long after your home or business is complete. Input from a structural engineer will ensure remodeling, renovation, or post-damage repair projects are completed as … [Read more...]

Spotlight on Women Architects: Nicole Dosso and Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid small

Legendary female architects like Denise Scott Brown are commended for their steadfast efforts at paving the way for future generations as well as their lasting impressions on modern architecture and design. Today, we're focusing the spotlight on two current female architects who are renowned for their abilities, even though their styles are very … [Read more...]

How Do You Include Creativity in Your Busy Life?

Mature Adults taking a play Break in a modern office

Busy lifestyles prevent us from making time for creative or playful outlets but it's often a challenge to actually do something about it. Here are a few big Ideas from our friend Rochelle Seltzer to give your heart and soul a chance to speak up. Take short breaks. You don't have to take a 30 minute walk outdoors to soothe your eyes with natural light and … [Read more...]

The Art of Play: Daycare and Youth Facility Design

Dedham Kids Downtown play area_Leslie Saul

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," but what happens when Jack has all play and no work? That was our experience while designing spaces for children at the Dedham Health and Athletic Complex. Our design incorporated lots of color, an emphasis on Disney-inspired decor and - our favorite part - super cool lighting that included a changing sky effect. … [Read more...]

How Algae and Solar Panels Help Shade the Interior Space

BIQ House Algae

Mother Earth does a pretty amazing job at creating net-zero energy systems. As the green design momentum continues, modern-day innovators are taking their queues from nature, learning how to better replicate her systems, which will result in a healthier existence for all of us. We have focused on some of these innovations before, such as self-healing … [Read more...]

Buyers Remorse for a Green Home?

New-Town-Builders-Zero-Energy-home-in-StapeltonCO small

While green design is touted across the design and build spectrum as the wave of the future, the real proof is in the proverbial pudding; it's only in the last decade that homeowners have had the chance to evaluate whether their decision to build - or buy - a green home was worth the extra investment. According to ecobuildingpulse.com, the surveys say … [Read more...]

Who Will Dig Up Our Cities in 2,000 Years?

miami archaeology indian village

In an era dedicated to sustainable methods for building, developing, and living our lives, it seems like archaeology is the best place to look for solutions. Innovative building technologies are important, of course. But perhaps looking backwards, rather than forwards, is the optimal means of learning how humans managed to live harmoniously with Planet Earth … [Read more...]

Do All New Technologies Seem Like Magic?

Meredith Perry

Remember watching futuristic movies with video calls? We wondered: Would that really come to pass? It seemed like magic. Now, Google hangouts and Skype calls are an everyday phenomena. What seems like magic at first, becomes commonplace once it's a part of our day-to-day lives. We've come across two new technologies that do feel as if a little magic is … [Read more...]

What Does That Mean?! Finally, A Guide to BS Jargon

vintage letterpress wood printing blocks

It seems every industry is laden with acronyms and jargon. This makes it difficult for anyone outside the industry to feel completely at ease. We have done a couple of posts explaining architectural terms that may not be familiar to the non-architects in the world. For example, we've explained the role of pendentives and have shared insight into the world of … [Read more...]

Garbage, An Efficient Fuel Source?

FastOx Pathfinder

As architects dedicated to green design, we're also attracted to all things sustainable. We recently posted an article about how bacteria may be the next green fuel source. Now, we're excited to introduce another potential renewable energy source - your garbage. Let's face it, nobody loves a landfill. Those of us who try to recycle, do as much as we can but … [Read more...]