Summer is Here! Do you Prefer a Natural Swimming Pool or More Modern?

Sudbury house Pool area

Summer is here, alright! If you're like us - work weeks are spent counting down the days until your can spend time in a cool, inviting pool. Pool design is its own niche in the outdoor design world. From natural swimming pools that replicate some of the most gorgeous watering holes found in Mother Nature to more modern designs, there's a pool for every … [Read more...]

Are Reading Rooms Still Relevant?

Newton House Library_Reading room

As the number of eReaders continue to skyrocket - more than doubling since 2010 - a new wave of scientific and psychological study is taking place, evaluating how digital reading differs from paper-based reading. From slower and more methodical reading to interruptions of our circadian rhythm, there are pro-and-con arguments for both mediums. As … [Read more...]

Shouldn’t Designing a College Library be Based on Student Habits?

U Mass Dartmouth- Claire T. Carney Library. Designed by LS&A Architecture and Interiors

As architects, we need to think like behavioral biologists when designing college libraries. Student habits have evolved significantly over the past two decades in response to modern technology and changes in education theory. They need fewer books, more charging stations and increased areas for collaboration. Academic design should include a preliminary … [Read more...]

Blurring the Lines of Suburban and Urban: The Future Calls for “Walkable Urban Places”


Suburbia was created to meet the demands of those desiring an escape from the bustle and noise of the city. Developers designed communities that boasted a quieter, country-like atmosphere where moms could be home with kids and dads commuted to work each day. Now, this paradigm is being flipped upside down and urban communities are pining for a more … [Read more...]

The Juxtaposition of Old and New Architecture: Does It Work Aesthetically?


London has been a leader in putting modern structures into historic neighborhoods. Boston has traditionally been averse to that idea, but things may have changed. Is it for the best? It's impossible to avoid the integration of modern architectural design with historical elements. Otherwise, there would be no way to add, remodel or redesign buildings in … [Read more...]

Why Should Parking Lot/Garage Design Should be Taken More Seriously?

Boston Common Garage feature

In the beginning, public parking garage design was an afterthought. You took an available lot, built an multi-story (usually concrete) structure, painted yellow lines, threw a toll-booth in there and called it complete, forgetting that these are public spaces and extremely important to 21st century living. Shouldn't their design be taken more seriously? We … [Read more...]

Office Design: Beauty Over Comfort and Efficiency?


As architects we are artists first. We love beautiful, interesting and unique designs, and we enjoy creating them even more. But, there is a point where function must trump aesthetics, no matter how attractive the vision - and this is certainly the case for modern office design. Every once in a while, we come across an office design that makes us say, "What … [Read more...]

Kids on the Climb at the Museum

new balance climb feature

One of the best things about our job is the ability to remain connected to our creative side. For many adults, this natural inclination is squelched somewhere between elementary and middle schools. So, what fun it is for architects, engineers and builders who get to focus on designing spaces for children. Children's museums are magical examples of spaces … [Read more...]

Question: Where’s the Quiet?

4- LS&A-IFAW-office

Collaboration is a buzzword these days; the modern generation's preference for more group-oriented process has led to some fundamental changes in workplace design. The days of individual offices, or large spaces divided by sound-absorbing cubicles, are quickly disappearing as companies convert their buildings into more open and social work spaces. The … [Read more...]

Bringing Accessible Design to Injured Boston Marathon Victims

Boston Marthon Athletics Association

Just a year after the Boston Marathon tragedy there are so many different forms of healing taking place here in Boston. One of the most profound examples of this is the way the Boston Survivors Accessibility Alliance has mobilized to renovate the homes of those who have been permanently injured and whose mobility is compromised as a result of the detonated … [Read more...]

Furniture and a Source of Energy Too?!

The Current Table

There is an noteworthy relationship between new technology and architectural design. It's one we've commented on before regarding workplace and academic design, among others. Now, take a look at how modern furniture designers are trying to design furniture for the 21st century. Here are three different tables, all of which either harness and/or distribute … [Read more...]