A Series of Gatherings: The Office Community

Businesses are increasingly paying attention to office design and company culture in an effort to improve working conditions and workplace communities.

Anyone who has worked in an office knows a community of sorts is formed in the workplace. It may be one that fosters positive relationships and a sense of camaraderie, or it may be the type that makes you want to get in and get out as quickly as possible. Fortunately for those who work in office communities more akin to the former, research shows that a … [Read more...]

A Series of Gatherings: Faith and Architecture

Looking to create the quintessential spiritual center? Contact your team at Leslie Saul!

If you've spent a lifetime attending a synagogue, church, temple or other spiritual community, then you know some sacred spaces have better designs than others. The best ones blend reverent spaces with social spaces - comfortable areas where members can sit, relax and socialize before or after services. The problem is, once the event is over, and the … [Read more...]

A Series of Gatherings: Home and Hearth

People love to congregate with others in their homes, be it to watch the latest game, to have a dinner party, or something similar.  Source: Houzz

Our current topic of interest is The Gathering Place. We've written a post about office designs that include social and collaborative spaces and we've also written about including social niches in senior living facilities. Now, we're writing about designing residential spaces that incorporate comfortable areas for families and their guests to gather and … [Read more...]

Contemporary Beach Decor Shies Away from Common Tropes

Here is an assessment of how you can create the quintessential contemporary beach house design for your home.  Source: Houzz

Beach houses are synonymous with relaxation, peace and play time. They connote powerful ocean sounds, tantalizing sea bird calls and the delicious smell of briny saltwater. They also conjure images of seahorses, mermaids and dusty shell collections; bright "pops" of turquoise and tangerine and a fish net strung on the wall with dried star fish trapped in the … [Read more...]

Reinterpreting Classical Architecture Through a Modern Lens

Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron have decided to use Westminster Abbey as their inspiration for the design of the new Chelsea FC stadium and village. Source: Pixabay

It's hard to imagine the Boston Red Sox designing a new stadium using Old North Church or Trinity as architectural inspiration. However, that's exactly what is happening in London. Football, known as soccer here in the U.S., is the national sport of England. In fact, The Guardian quips it could even be considered the national religion. The Newest … [Read more...]

Beach Home Décor for Any Style or Taste

Consider these two schools of beach home decor: the traditional and the more rustic.   Source: Houzz

Typically, when we think of beach house decor, we think of bright colors, white beadboard and cottage furnishings. Some eclectic furniture pieces are often in the mix, as are beautifully displayed shell collections.This type of beach house has youthful energy. However, not all beach settings are warm, sunny and vibrant. Some have a cooler, grey-toned and … [Read more...]

The Play of Glass and Light: Art and Color

Stained glass relies on light to breath life into it.  Source: Houzz

We've written in the past about the importance of light - both natural and by design - in residential and business interiors. In these cases, light and glass serve a functional purpose. However, let's not forget the intricate and artistic play that takes place when you combine light, glass and color. Optimize the Effect Of Glass Art in Your Home Long … [Read more...]

Minimally Finished Woods Bring Warmth and Rustic Charm to Modern Interiors

Exposed wood beams are one option for anyone looking to take advantage of minimally finished wood accents for your home.  Source: Houzz

Wood accents are a popular way to add warmth and character to modern interiors. In many cases,wood surfaces are heavily finished, lending a glossy surface that is easy to clean and less prone to damage. All too often, however, these wood finishes come with a price. Use Wood Accents to Bring Warmth and Charm to Your Modern Interiors As Architectural … [Read more...]

The Rise of the Organic Workplace

The organic workplace is rooted in locally sourced materials and sustainable furnishing, paints with low levels of volatile organic compounds, and on-site composting.  Source: Houzz

Workplace design trends are driven by a combination of factors, including how the workplace needs to function for workers, economics and, of course, style will always play a role.  A current trend that incorporates all three of these is the rise of the organic workplace. Workplace Design Trends: Could Your Office Be More Organic? The organic … [Read more...]

Psychology and Architecture: Silent Partners

Between feng shui and fibanacci, there is a deep and enduring psychology to architecture and interior design.  Source: Houzz

Common sense tells us architecture and design have a psychological effect on humans. If it didn't, interior design wouldn't be so popular and that feeling you get when you enter a perfectly proportioned space - such as the Parthenon - wouldn't be so profound. Even so, we how have scientific proof that the psychology of architecture is a real … [Read more...]

From Crafts to Connoisseur, Space for Your Hobby Is Important

If you're passionate about a particular hobby, then there's no reason to hide it from the world. Why not incorporate it into your living space?  Source: Houzz

I can't tell you how many times we have worked on residential remodels, only to open a closet and see a plethora of instruments, hobby tools, crafting materials, etc., tucked into every nook and cranny. It's a shame when these "hobbies" - which typically have more to do with who our clients are than their 9-5 jobs - are tucked away rather than … [Read more...]