Work Space Design: Choosing Amenities to Keep Your Employees Happy

Find elements that will encourage collaboration, whimsy, and creativity and apply them to your modern office design.  Source: Flickr

On average, Americans will spend one-third of their lives working their days away in the office. That's a lot of time to be stuck at a desk, and companies such as Google have taken steps to make that time a little more enjoyable. To ease the stresses of the day, Google has gone over the top. They've installed nap pods, game rooms, free food bars, … [Read more...]

An Acoustic Evaluation of Open Floor Plans

Open floor plan design for offices existed to reinforce the power structure inherent within the corporation.

There are advantages to the open floor plan for home and work spaces, but there are also a hefty dose of disadvantages that become increasingly apparent as the trend is starting to die down. The most notable downside being the amount of noise that comes with an open floor plan, and how that noise can really affect the surrounding environment. In the … [Read more...]

Difference Between Luxe and Essential in Apartment Bathroom Design

The right bathroom design can convert a small essential bathroom design into one that has a luxurious finish.

Most clients interested in an apartment bathroom remodel approach the table with space - or lack thereof - at the forefront. They often feel like a small apartment space means they can't achieve the luxurious aesthetic trending in spa-like bathrooms for residential home designs. In fact, by applying professional bathroom design tips, you can forego an … [Read more...]

A Look Into the Rise of Microhouses and Modular Guest Houses

There are plenty of reasons to opt for a microhouse, such as how they are affordable, compact, eco-friendly, and often very mobile.  Source: Facebook

Tiny houses and space-efficient floor plans are a penchant of ours. How can you not love them - they're clever, affordable, space-saving, eco-friendly - need we go on? With the costs of real estate and construction on the rise, micro-housing offers a unique guest house design idea. Looking For Unique Guest House Design Ideas? Consider Micro or Modular … [Read more...]

Silence: The Newest Trend in Luxury Design

The latest interior design trend is less about what's in your space, and instead incorporates a minimalist approach.

Thanks to modern technology, the world just keeps getting noisier and certain businesses are taking note. Perhaps that's why luxury resort Parrot Cay by COMO, located in the Caribbean’s Turks and Caicos Islands, changed their motto to: Silence is the new luxury. Leverage Luxury Design Trends: Add Quiet Spaces to Your Home or Office Design Open … [Read more...]

Modern Bathroom Trends: Why We’re Opting Out of Separate Tubs and Showers

By using a combination shower and bath, you're saving lots of square footage that you can utilize for other aspects of your bathroom design.

For the past several years, the master bathroom has trended towards a luxurious day spa retreat space, complete with large walk-in showers and oversized soak tubs. Lately, those empty tubs have been collecting more dust than water, and owners have wised up. If there is another bathroom that has an available tub, homeowners are more apt to reclaim the tub … [Read more...]

Color Trends: A Look Back on Pantone’s Colors of the Year

We are surrounded by colors in every moment of our lives. They influence us, affect our moods and personalities, and offer a vibrant spectrum that's unavailable in a world of only black and white.

We're pleased to see the Pantone Color of the Year is Marsala - a warm, rich hue, completely functional in multiple residential and commercial design applications.  The new color can be used more as a background than an accent (as opposed to 2014's Radiant Orchid...).   We love trying to use the new colors in a creative way. Pantone's Colors of … [Read more...]

Guest Post: A Response to LED Lighting in Religious Settings

LED technology has sharply progressed to the point where it can create lighting that is aesthetically pleasing. Source:

We recently posted an article on the importance of lighting design in places of worship, pointing out that lighting in these spaces must attend to several goals, not the least of which are safety, task/utility, ambiance and energy efficiency. We're posting a response to that article by lighting designer Carrie Slife. Carrie works for Sladen Feinstein … [Read more...]

Painted Roof vs. Green Roof: Which Energy-Efficient Roof Design Is Right For You?

The biggest consideration that you should have when choosing to build a green roof is that coordination among the design team is critical.

Some of the most energy-efficient improvements you can make in your home take place at the top. One of them involves your roofing system. The solar heat gain that accumulates via hot roofs causes your HVAC to run overtime, which also keeps those energy bills significantly higher than necessary. An energy-efficient roof design mitigates solar heat gain, … [Read more...]

The Importance of Lighting Design in Places of Worship

Lighting is crucial to how a place of worship functions.

Thoughtful lighting plans should be a foundation of any design, but they play a particularly important role when it comes to designing places of worship. The physical building plays multiple roles for a spiritual or religious community.  For this reason, the lighting plan is a critical part of how the building functions. Take a Holistic Approach When … [Read more...]

Hi-Tech Play Rooms Vs. Low-Tech Playrooms

We need to seriously evaluate how technology alters the way our children view, think about, and interact with the world around them. Source: Facebook

High-tech playroom design may seem like the best thing for your child, but studies show that too much screen time is not a good idea. While it's true we live in an era when technology is a driving force, it's also true that we need to seriously evaluate how technology alters the way our children view, think about, and interact with the world around … [Read more...]