Leslie Saul Guest Blogger – UBLA: What Do Landscape Architect Do?

Botany, horticulture, the fine arts, architecture, industrial design, geology and much much more are incorporated into Landscape Architecture.

When Leslie Saul & Associates invited us to write a guest blog, we jumped at the opportunity. One does not say “no” to a firm whose mission is to “make the world a better place in which to work, play, age, live, and learn!” According to Wikipedia, landscape architecture is “a multi-disciplinary field, incorporating aspects of botany, … [Read more...]

Is There a Correlation Between Office Design and Job Satisfaction?

It's not hard to see that work factors like job satisfaction, cohesion, and general productivity can tied into office design.

An article in the small business section of Chron.com outlines the factors influencing the social environment in an organization:  job satisfaction, teamwork, politics and conflict. What it doesn't mention is that office design can have a significant effect on the way each of those factors plays out. The Undeniable Link Between Work Efficiency and … [Read more...]

Talented Master Craftsman: Joseph Walsh

Joseph Walsh is a master craftsman who manages to merge art with modern design. Source: JosephWalshStudio.com

Sometimes there are no words to describe feelings conjured by a piece of art or architecture. Such is the case when viewing pieces by master craftsman Joseph Walsh. Perhaps equally stunning is the fact that Walsh is almost entirely self-taught, lending his works an unfettered and unfiltered edge when compared with his contemporaries. Regardless, Walsh's … [Read more...]

Textile Homes Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

Wright created the Millard House with textured, earth toned-blocks in an effort to meld the house with elements of it's landscape.

Frank Lloyd Wright was an iconic artist, architect and interior designer but, above all that, he had a practical and humorous nature that belies that grandeur often placed on those with his level of public stature. Consider this quote of his, regarding his interest in exploring the use of concrete blocks to create four, famous, textile homes: What about … [Read more...]

Rotating Architecture Home Trends by Next Office

Next Office makes the most of traditional Iranian design to create an eco-friendly rotating home style of architecture.   Source: NextOffice.ir

Turntables and other rotating structural features have been used to increase efficiency since the wheel's invention. Consider the lazy Susan for large family dining scenarios, rotating shelves in less-accessible corner kitchen cabinets or the railroad and car turntables that improve a vehicle's ability to enter, turn and exit small areas. Now, similar … [Read more...]

A Look at Student-Focused Design in Educational Spaces

Interested in designing a modern classroom? Contact your team at Leslie Saul!

Imagine the typical university classroom and what do you see in your mind's eye? Odds are that while rooms may be more colorful - or chalkboards have given to smart screens - there are still rows of small desks and hard-surfaced chairs. In other words, academic classrooms really haven't changed all that much in the past century. Student Drive Academic … [Read more...]

Comparison of WXY’s Beach Pavilion and The Corbusier Chapel

Furtherm, both WXY's Beach Pavilion and Notre Dame du Ronchamp are designed in such a way as to encourage contemplation.  Source: blog.archpaper.com

If you're an architecture aficionado, you derive great pleasure from seeing how two different buildings - seemingly unrelated - can have so many similarities in their design, form and feel. Such was the case for us when we first saw WXY's Beach Pavilion, built as part of Quennell Rothschild’s master plan. The pure, white aesthetic, gentle curves and … [Read more...]

Leslie Talks: Eye Catching Design Comparisons

Both Stacked and our office here at Leslie Saul & Associates Architecture and Interiors boast a similar, multicolored glass wall.  Source: Stacked Facebook

Work space designers continue to innovate to meet the demands of the modern workplace and to remain consistent with current architecture and interior design trends. There are several ways this has influenced both office and public building designs, including the use of innovative, transparent walls or dividers that meet the demands for both privacy and an … [Read more...]

Promoting Healthier Workplaces With Beautiful and Functional Staircase Design

With obesity on the rise, how can we get people to use stairs more in favor of escalators and elevators? Source: Flickr

There's no doubt about it; obesity in America has become an epidemic. Recent statistics tell us one-third of all Americans are obese and more than 70% are overweight. It's well and good to encourage people to eat healthier, park further away from buildings or to take the stairs. However, we wonder what it would look like if the design of public buildings and … [Read more...]

Leslie Saul Explains: Designing Harmonious Outdoor Spaces

There should be a sense of transition with your outdoor spaces.

Designing harmonious outdoor spaces allows natural surroundings to become an extension of interior living spaces. Ideally, each stage of your outdoor design will transition to the next, so a dining or living area will open to a patio or transitional space, which will lead to a lawn or garden space, which leads to a pool or gazebo, and so on. Keeping an … [Read more...]

Have You Noticed?

Shadows in the Ocean

Have You Noticed? That shadows in the deep snow look bright blue, but shadows in the deep ocean look dark gray/green/purple? Sand (from the city plows) and carbon black (from the exhaust of cars and trucks) make the snow along city streets and highways turn a yucky brown/black, but have you noticed that the fresh snow seems even whiter by … [Read more...]