The Effect of Natural Light on Office Productivity

the eye is directed upward toward a single opening that floods the awe-inspiring space with light. Source: Houzz

The architecture of the Pantheon is mesmerizing! While sacred geometry instills a sense of grandeur, the eye is directed upward toward a single opening that floods the awe-inspiring space with light. In addition to letting sunlight in, it keeps what could have been a cavernous building connected to the natural world. This simple ocular feature ensures … [Read more...]

Inspiring a Passion for Architecture in Children

There is a wealth of toys and games to fuel a child's interest in building and design. Source: FreeDigitalPhotos

Do you have an aspiring architect in your household? Paying attention to your children's innate interests and talents - and providing them with the information, toys, and games that build on those - is often the best way to help them flourish. For kids fascinated with building, architecture, plane models, or designs, there are plenty of resources that can … [Read more...]

Another Green Rating System?

Green Faith

You're familiar with the expression, "Too many chiefs and not enough Indians?" It can certainly feel that way when it comes to green design and certification programs as they are many and varied. However, there is one of these "add-ons" that we're happy to see building momentum, and that is the GreenFaith Leadership Program. Unlike most other green … [Read more...]

Jeff’s Eco-Friendly Tiny Homes

jeff's solar home

Tiny houses, reclaimed or recycled materials, and energy efficiency - what's not to love? If you subscribe to our blog, you know we're fans of small, efficient housing. We've covered a few different examples of tiny or micro-designs over the years, and now we're smitten with Jeff's eco-friendly tiny homes. Like most cool inventions and designs, the … [Read more...]

Understanding Generational Study Habits


Understanding study habits is crucial to academic furniture design. As we've mentioned before, a good architect or interior designer is a researcher first, watching her subjects as they move, live or study in their natural environment and then designing the spaces and furniture that accommodates the subjects' behaviors and habits. Let's take a look at … [Read more...]

Debunking Myths About Senior Housing

Colorful Senior Spaces

LS&A Architecture and Interiors has been involved in the design of Senior Living Facilities around Boston and Miami for more than 20 years. In that time, we've seen quite a shift in the way these facilities - now communities - are thought about. Twenty years ago, the mission was to keep things durable as well as easy-to-clean and maintain. This led … [Read more...]

What Seniors and Their Children Want in Senior Housing

Designing Senior Living Spaces

Choosing the right senior care situation for yourself or a loved one can be daunting. After more than 20 years working in senior care facility design, we've learned the little extras that make all the difference in the way seniors settle into their new Homes. Here's a list you can evaluate and bring with you as you tour different communities and … [Read more...]

Dress Your Bedroom to be Luxurious, Smooth and Sexy

Leslie Saul Designed Bedroom

As architects who design private homes, our goal is to create sanctuaries of a sort. The bedroom is especially important because it is the place where you go to get away, relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. Once the plans are complete, builders have cleaned up the last of the sawdust and we leave you with the design of your dreams, it's … [Read more...]

Give the Bedroom a Splash of Happy with Soothing Colors

Baby Blue Room Leslie Saul

Bedroom interior design can be tricky. By day, the modern bedroom may be a functional place where laundry is sorted, books are read and a home office space is tucked into a corner. By night the bedroom is where we go to shut the door on the rest of the world, relax and (hopefully!) get a good night's sleep. For these reasons, we recommend choosing soothing … [Read more...]

Respecting the Design of Childrens Spaces From the Classroom to the Play Room

martin-luther mural

"How can you learn about the world in spaces without character?" This question, posed by Alexandra Lange in, is one we should all consider as schools move further into the realm of generic academic design. Lange wrote her opinion piece while reflecting on the demolition of her elementary school, Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in … [Read more...]

Design that Encourages Taking a Seat

Eurus and Sinuo

As architects and designers, our work comes in many forms. Sometimes, we're called upon to design a space from top-to-bottom and from furnishings to the last stick of furniture. Other times, we're hired to design a specific furnishing that complements an existing design. Such was the case for Matthias Pliessnig when he was commissioned in collaboration with … [Read more...]