Who doesn't love colorful shiny things?

It is indeed a fortunate person who can make a living doing something he or she loves. And that’s pretty much the case for everyone at Leslie Saul & Associates.

Leslie and her crew get to sketch pictures, stroke luscious fabrics, test out really cool sofas, have deep discussions about light fixtures, look at lots of colorful and shiny things, meet really interesting people… and sometimes even make the world just a little better.

We couldn’t ask for more.

And at the end of a project, there’s nothing in the world more satisfying than seeing a smile on the client’s face.

Aviva Sapers, CEO of Sapers & Wallack, had some very flattering things to say:

“Leslie is incredibly creative. She is able to design spaces that fit your budget, keeping construction costs as close as possible to what you planned. I’ve found her a pleasure to work with and wonderfully fun.”

What a lovely testimonial!

(The “wonderfully fun” comment is the best part.)

Leslie Saul & Associates would love to take on your next interior design or architecture project. Let’s talk.

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Photo (cc) Andrew Morrell Photography