Why is green associated with luck? Those lucky little leprechauns live in a most beautiful and green part of the world, Ireland.  Do you feel lucky? Do you ever play the lottery? Do you go to Foxwoods regularly?  Have you gambled in Vegas? We played a little roulette at the Encore in Las Vegas (purely for research purposes) while we were out there for a project (that never happened).  Even though I feel pretty lucky, I played the safe, 50% chance of red/black, either doubling my money if I guessed right, or losing it all if I committed to the wrong color.  I am proud to relate that my $20 turned into $40, of which I then promptly lost $20, bringing me right back to where I started.  While I was there, I observed a gentleman who lost $5,000 in 5 minutes and I met a man who had won FU money (translation: very, very much) in a slot machine…a $100/pull slot machine.  He won enough to completely renovate and redecorate his house. Lucky man and lucky designer!  What makes you feel lucky? Is being lucky what green is all about?