GREEN TIP TUESDAY: A penny saved….

“A penny saved is a penny earned”, or so goes the saying.  But a penny saved, in these cases, might mean a penny on the floor!  Take a look at these projects that have taken “recycling” to a new level. 

In keeping with the theme of the Copper Hall dining room at the Hotel Congress in Tucson, The Cup Cafe coffee bar’s floor is made up of thousands of copper pennies.

  This floor is at the Standard Grill at the Standard Hotel in New York (via

You need some cheap (and willing!) labor to install this type of floor.  See some of the process via The Revolver

If copper is not your thing, and if you have more change in your pocket than you know what to do with,  there are always other coins you can use!   (via Apartment Therapy)

But let’s not limit ourselves to floors.   Johnny Swing out of Vermont has been using coins for his funtional scuptures for years.   Surround yourself with all your spare change with these couches:


Now do you know what to do with all that spare change you have sitting around in bowls, pockets, and on top of your dressers?  It’s time to start saving your pennies!


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