Architects seldom design with the stipulation of including a giraffe pen in the project. But if that’s what the client wants, that’s what you have to do. Especially when your client is a world famous celebrity.

Leslie wrote here recently about the rather serious and hopeful implications of Barbie taking up architecture. We’re talking about Barbie the doll, of course. And though she’s may be but a slender and leggy bit of plastic, many people think she has an influence on the personal horizons little girls imagine for themselves.

The Mattel Corporation unveiled the new Architect Barbie this year at the American Institute of Architects convention in New Orleans. And the world of architecture has been abuzz ever since. In fact, we see on the blog of TMS Architects in Plymouth, New Hamphire that Barbie is farming out the design of her own dream home.

Design Architect Barbie's dream home.

The AIA is teaming up with Mattel to organize a contest to design the dream home. According to Barbie’s personally written guidelines, her home must include a spacious home office that can accommodate “numerous hi-tech gadgets.” She wants a “fabulous” kitchen. With her massive wardrobe, she has some very tall demands for her closet. And, as we mentioned above, she needs a huge backyard for as many as five pets, including her pet giraffe.

Other than the part about the giraffe, the guidelines actually resemble many of the projects we’ve worked on here at Leslie Saul & Associates, though we tend to design assuming the residents will be more than a foot tall.

Entries for the dream house design competition have to be in by June 27. Five finalists will be selected for a public vote on the best design, which is taking place July 12 – August 1.

We’ll keep you posted.