Don't Work in a Box: Four Ways to Make Your Cubicle Yours

We do a lot of corporate projects here at Lesile Saul & Associates. This includes setting up attractive, efficient and comfortable spaces that support work and collaboration in the office. We often bring in modular walls and cubicle work spaces to make the office design cost effective and flexible.

But once you have your cubicle, it’s pretty much up to you  how to make it yours.

Apartment Therapy’s vowel challenged tech blog Unplggd has a few suggestions on how to keep your cubicle from being just a box.

Display a collection:

© Craig Allen

Upgrade your chair to something colorful:

EWC Task Chair from Knoll

Hang some art:

(cc) jamalistics

Don’t forget the plants:

(cc) Jonathan Blundell

Contact Leslie Saul & Associates for your next interior design or architectural project in the Boston area– but remember, the cubicle is your responsibility.

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  1. Love all of these ideas. It’s so boring being in a gray cubicle thats why i had to start making my own cubicle frames and upcycling some vintage organizers. So much better now:)

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