The results are in, and Barbie presumably will soon break ground on her new dream house. The design submitted by Ting Li and Maja Paklar has been named the winner of the Architect Barbie Dream House Design Competition. We are especially thrilled about this here at Leslie Saul & Associates because Ting Li was an intern here at LS&A when she was a student at Harvard Graduate School of Design.

The winning submission for Architect Barbie's Dream Home

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) organized the competition in conjunction with the Mattel Corporation to celebrate Barbie’s recent decision to take up architecture as a profession. This goes on her resume above entries for Airline Pilot, Sign Language Teacher, Doctor, Paratrooper, Ballerina, and many other exciting professions.

A news release from the AIA describes Barbie’s new home:

The winning house design features entertaining space and chef’s open kitchen on the first floor, along with an office / library / meeting space. There is also a terrace on the second floor. The third and fourth floors are Barbie doll’s private enclave, her bedroom and her inspiration room respectively. The roof has a green house and a landscaped garden for her domestic pets. The design elements include solar panels, landscaped rooftop and irrigation system, operable shading devices, bamboo flooring, low flow toilet and sink fixtures, and locally sourced and manufactured materials and furnishings.

The design is truly innovative. We certainly applaud the close attention paid to green design. We imagine it would have little trouble achieving LEED certification, if the client so desires. And the magenta and white color scheme certainly shows that the designers have understood and implemented their client’s preferences.

Li and Paklar are both Associate Members of the AIA. They say they are honored that their concept was the winning entry. “Barbie was both of ours’ favorite doll growing up in China and Croatia. We appreciate the versatility of our profession which allows us to express ourselves in a myriad of ways – from entirely built city environments to a Barbie Dream House. We hope to encourage more young female architects to flex their design muscles and just to have fun with architecture,” they said in a joint statement.

Read the AIA’s news release on the AIA website.

Leslie Saul & Associates is so proud of Ting Li and her colleague Maja Paklar for being a real life inspiration to little girls everywhere, and we congratulate them on landing their small, but very high profile client.