"Let's build here."

Construction is expected to begin next year on what is being touted at the most environmentally friendly building in the world. It’s an expansion of Google’s corporate headquarters in Mount View, California.

German firm Ingenhoven Architects won the competition for the project.

Google has never built its own space, instead renting or purchasing existing offices.

Ingenhoven approached the design with the idea that ‘the architecture should be an expression of the „corporate culture” and at the same time a model for sustainable architecture in the broadest sense surpassing the LEED-Platinum-Standards with its holistic concept,” said Google spokesman Jordan Newman, quoted in Arch Daily.  “We’ve asked them to build the most green, sustainable building possible,” said Newman.

There are no details on the Google project available yet, but Ingenhoven is known for its cutting edge, green designs. “Many of Ingenhoven’s projects have incorporated renewable energy sources such as geothermal energy as well as conservation features,” according to the Mercury News.

Architectural blog Arkhitekton has an interesting round up of Ingenhoven’s more notable green designs, including Lufthansa’s Aviation Centre in Frankfort, 1Bligh in Sydney, and the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg.

Photo © Ingenhoven Architects