There is something romantic about the notion of baring your material possessions down to the most essential and distilling your life down to basic necessities. The small house movement is based upon this notion that we just don’t need all the stuff or space. Known as wee houses, tiny houses or micro houses these diminutive dwellings are appealing to people who want to re-direct their life and focus on living not on procuring more possessions. These small dwellings also make sense for people wanting to limit their carbon foot print – less space less environmental impact.

The small house movement has built up such steam that there are entire blogs and websites devoted to living small. Here are a few of tiny homes that caught our eye.¬† Aren’t these houses amazing light and airy considering the small square footage?

Martin House

Martin House Interior


Sustain Design Studio

Sustain Design Studio Interior


Tumbleweed Houses

Tumbleweed Floor Plan Options


We also like the idea that these houses are portable . It does make you feel like your life is filled with endless possibilities!

We’d love to hear what you think of these super small homes. Leave¬† a comment and let us know your thoughts.