We need to preface this post with an apology to all our readers who are Red Sox fans. It does seem a bit cruel to write about a restaurant called Home Plate this week.  However, Red Sox fans are a resilient bunch and we Bostonians still have the Pats!

We had a great time working on the design of the Home Plate, Bay Street Grill in Taunton, MA. The restaurant was previously an Italian eatery that the new owner wanted to change to a classic sports bar and restaurant. The mission was to create a comfortable, local hang-out where everyone would feel welcome, watch a game and maybe sing a bit of karaoke once in a while.

The renovation had a tight budget so value was carefully considered during the design process. Fortunately the owner had a great group of handy friends and a trusted group of local contractors to complete the work and stay within budget. Now they can all enjoy the fruit of their labors when they stop in for a beer or burger.


A favorite feature of the restaurant’s design is the wall of balls which divides the entrance and the main  bar area.

Bleacher seats inspired by the Green Monster


No sports bar would be complete without plenty of televisions!

The large  bar has changeable colored LED lights

A large fireplace is the focal point of the quiet dining area.

If you are looking for the perfect place to have a beer and some good classic bar food head on over to Home Plate. There are still plenty of games to enjoy-  even without the Red Sox playing in October!