Caught in the Current, Fran Busse

Our dear friend, Fran Busse is having an art opening tonight, Thursday, February, 2nd from 5:30-8:00 pm. 

If you are in the Acton area, stop by First Rugs, and say hello to Fran.

 Solo Exhibit   “Caught in the Current”

First Rugs

342 Great Road (Rts. 2A & 27)

Acton, MA

Artist’s Statement:
I am a contemporary painter working in oils and my work is an expressive interpretation of what I observe.  Currently, I draw inspiration from nature, particularly the landscape.  A branch reaching out over a pond, the swirl of water washing over rocks in the stream, a sprig of grass or a change in the weather may catch my attention.  The color and mood of the environment help to launch my creativity.

Once I begin, I become absorbed in the process of painting.  I will lay down a stroke with a brush, painting knife or other tool, and let that stroke lead to the next.  Sometimes I wipe off what I have done and make new marks.  It is an exciting and intense process.  Make a mark and decide.  Choose a color and decide.  Color and mark making are key in the expression of my creativity.  As the painting continues to emerge, I am engaged and continue to respond to it.  It is an interactive process.

I continue to challenge myself by pushing further into abstraction using color and expressive paint application.  It is a process which often involves going into uncharted territory, the path unclear.  This unexpected and dynamic process is what keeps me fascinated and engaged


In The Quiet, Fran Busse


November Fog, Fran Busse