We love finding great examples of design where form and function combine perfectly, like our recent post about range hoods with attitude. So when we saw this feature in French design magazine Art & Decoration, we had to share. No longer an eyesore, radiators have now transcended their humble origins and received the high-fashion treatment! Take a look at some fantastic examples below. There really is something for every interior design style, from classic to contemporary.

The glass facade of this radiator makes for sleek, simple design at its best. (Atlantic)

A fun, geometric pattern makes this radiator seem more like decor than a functional feature of the room. Even cooler, it is modular, so more modules can be added depending on heating needs. (Cascade Hi-Tech)

Like no radiator you’ve ever seen, this totem-inspired version can stand, attach to the wall, or even hang from the ceiling, and comes in over 60 colors of painted steel. (Bains & Deco)

We love humorous design here at Leslie Saul and Associates, and this radiator definitely delivers! The stainless steel design looks like a garden hose casually looped around a bar.  (Ad Hoc)

This radiator marries the best of old and new, with a nod to the traditional radiator silhouette, but executed in polished chrome and Plexiglass. (WorldStyle Design)

What do you think of these attempts to make the humble radiator an interior design attribute instead of a decor dilemma?