In our last post we explored the world of workforce housing, from Boston’s early 20th century triple deckers to a brand new lodge in the shale fields of Texas.  For another look at what’s current in the world of workforce housing, check out this great project featured on Multi Housing News– a Tampa workforce housing facility that blends old and new for a terrific result.

The result is Metro 510, a 120-unit workforce housing facility designed by Urban Studio Architects. Located right next to a transit hub in downtown Tampa, the building needed to incorporate not only loft apartments, but also harmonize with the adjacent vacant church, a 98 year old Gothic Revival brick building. In the end, the traditional and contemporary blended perfectly, with sleek, contemporary white stucco buildings creating a fun contrast against the red brick and ornamentation.

The old church is now the heart of the community, housing an indoor playground, fitness center, office, and meeting room. We love the combination of historic renovation with creative new construction to make a living space that meets the needs of a large community. It just feels like a fun place to be, which is something we always try to incorporate into our work, whether it is a senior living facility, retail space, corporate office, house of worship, or residential property! Check out our Gallery to see a variety of projects by our Cambridge, Massachusetts architecture firm.

photos via Metro 510