“Going green” is often maligned as a fad, but more and more hospitals are starting to understand that green building principles are better for their bottom line- and their patients.

At our Cambridge architecture firm, we are passionate about green design and love to incorporate fun, playful elements and bright colors into our architecture and interior design work, so of course we were blown away when we saw this gorgeous project on AIA’s Eco-Structure. The Phoenix Children’s Hospital is a great example of the power of architecture- the power to put a child (and a parent) at ease, the power to conserve resources, and the power to create a space that promotes wellness for everyone who inhabits it.

The building features a purple, LED-lighted facade that evokes the night-blooming cactus flower of the Arizona desert. The three-story lobby provides a distracting spectacle with a lighted floor and an impressive “water” wall that creates the illusion of falling water using a combination of textured surfaces and flowing, dappled lights. Colorful, fanciful design flourishes abound, as well as animal sculptures in each elevator lobby that make the hospital seem less clinical and more engaging.

And the environmentally-friendly design features are just as impressive. Foregoing previous plans that would have spread theĀ  hospital’s facilities out over the entire campus (and introduced a host of problems, from traffic to resource allocation), the 770,000 square-foot tower streamlines the facility, while creating an iconic local landmark with views of the surrounding mountains and valley. The building was placed on an east-west axis to facilitate more efficient circulation and daylight harvesting. Exterior shades and high-performance glazing make the most of the sunlight while reducing glare.

A rooftop garden of over 5,000 square feet completes the synthesis between environmental and human design concerns, providing parents, patients, and staff alike with a beautiful space to relax.

At Leslie Saul and Associates, this is exactly the type of balance we try to instill in our own work, whether the project is a senior living facility, public building, or academic environment. Contact us today to learn more about our Boston architecture services.