Now that the warmer weather is upon us, we think of going outdoors and spending some time on the deck, porch,  or patio.  A new trend is to add a rug to these spaces to help bring the indoors out (or the outdoors in?).   With these rugs, you can feel good that you are also protecting the environment.

Via 3Rings: 

Woven Rugs of Recycled Plastic by Fab Habitat

Bali woven rug. Manufactured by Fab Habitat


Instead of opting for an ordinary rug with ordinary fibers and colors, Fab Habitat has gone into the business of making rugs whose properties and color palettes are nothing less than extraordinary. In their line of Rugs Woven from Recycled Plastic, a huge variety of rug designs are offered that will satisfy your pocketbook as well as your thirst for the perfect green interior design.

Made of Recycled Polypropylene, the Woven Rugs by Fab Habitat Come in Dozens of Designs for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Made by artisans around the world, Fab Habitat’s designs begin with everything from simple and contemporary designs all the way to the masterful, gradient-driven backgrounds with inverted motifs. Beside their bright 4’ x 6’, 5’ x 8’, and 6’ x 9’ rugs, the green-minded company has a simple mission: to preserve local skills and produce each item in the most eco-friendly way available. And speaking of preservation, every Fab Habitat rug comes with a jute bag to keep the quality of your woven rug fresh and stunning.

Bali woven rug. Manufactured by Fab Habitat.
Oslo woven rug. Manufactured by Fab Habitat.

Thanks to the recycled polypropylene material used in the durable rugs, the Woven rugs by Fab Habitat are also easy to care for. In a dozen or more designs, the reversible colorful rugs require just a shake or a hosing off after picnics, camping excursions or indoor/outdoor parties. That’s right, these fanciful rugs are for use both interior and exterior use and will last as they’re rolled up and out. As Kanan Gupta, Creative Director at Fab Habitat, states, “Fab Habitat rugs are a perfect marriage of new designs  updated to   changing trends along with responsible behavior to preserve  our   environment and all of this at a fabulous price!”

Bali woven rug, reverse side. Manufactured by Fab Habitat.

The stylish, reversible and recycled rugs made by artisans worldwide for Fab Habitat are the green solution to a colorful interior or exterior design.

About the Manufacturer: Fab Habitat offers global, eco-conscious furnishings for the home that are made by artisans around the world. Using recycled and sustainable products matched by an affordable price point, they seek to create designs which will make the interior and exterior space of your home one that reduces your overall carbon footprint while keeping it beautiful.