We often work with bright color at our Boston architecture and interior design firm, but while we love the drama of well-chosen color, there’s also a certain power in simplicity. Despite our taste for bold palettes, we absolutely love this Israeli penthouse featured on Houzz.

Architect Pitsou Kedem was asked to update and redesign a penthouse apartment overlooking the sea in Jaffa, Tel-Aviv, Israel, but once he began, the project yielded treasures no one could have guessed. The building dates back to antiquity, and when Kedem and his team stripped away years of additions and modern construction, they found a stunningly beautiful structure.

Bridging the clients’ minimalist, contemporary style with the “historical asceticism” of the ancient building, the end result is incredibly unique. Arched ceilings and stone alcoves contrast with sleek cabinetry and furnishings, creating an environment that is dramatic and quiet all at once.

We would love to see the stone elements balanced out by some strong color on the walls or furnishings, but allowing the structure to stand on its own is striking in its own way. Which would you prefer?

To see more shots of this gorgeous architectural project, visit the Houzz article linked above. If you are interested in our residential remodeling services here in Cambridge, contact Leslie Saul & Associates today.

photos: Houzz