There’s an innovative new museum in town here in Boston, and it’s shining a spotlight on the city’s strong design community. If you’re interested in visiting the museum, don’t ask where it is- ask where it is right now.

Design Museum Boston was founded three years ago by designers Sam Aquillano and Derek Cascio, who according to Architectural Record, wanted to “draw attention to the work of Massachusetts’ more than 60,000 designers in areas as diverse as industry, graphics, architecture and fashion.” They did that by creating a traveling museum that goes where the design is.

The museum’s first exhibition included Liberty Hotel, a former Boston jailhouse turned boutique hotel, showing the power that designers hold to transform our spaces, as well as our perception. The DMB begs the question, “what is a museum?” Is it four walls, the art or objects contained therein, or a way of looking at the world?

Usually architecture exhibits in museums consist of images, plans, and models, but by framing the concept of a museum in this way, DMB is able to really do justice to local Boston architecture and design, while still situating it as an object for examination and interpretation.

What do you think about this new Boston design institution, and how it can help bring awareness to Massachusetts architects and designers? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

photo: Design Museum Boston on Facebook