One of the most loathed school subjects, geometry, is often met with the familiar complaint “but I’ll never use this!” However, that age-old protestation is not only incorrect, but even downright unfashionable. Houzz recently shared a great collection of geometry-inspired home design, featuring everything from furniture and art to light fixtures and flooring.

While geometric home decor can be fun and edgy, there’s more to it than just funky chairs and wildly patterned textiles. Geometry is also inextricably linked with architecture. Those who advocate eliminating geometry from school curricula are missing the big picture. Geometry is all around us, and mathematical geometry helps us to better understand the relationships of our physical world. It is such a powerful force in the natural world that we instinctively understand it on some level, but a background of mathematical knowledge can provide a deeper appreciation.

In our architecture and interior design portfolio, you’ll find plenty of examples of geometry at work. Take, for instance, the windows at Young Israel of New Rochelle. This religious space combines tradition with contemporary aesthetics. Rectangular forms are repeated throughout the space, giving it a sense of order and stability.

The entry we created for Clarke Distribution in Milford, Massachusetts shows off how geometry can also add a dramatic feel to the space, with its repetitious rectangles and polygonal atrium. (Fun fact: the atrium is a hexadecagon, or 16-sided shape!)

Even the Leslie Saul & Associates logo shows off our love of geometric shapes, with a circle inside a square. In fact, our logo is a great indicator of who we are. We love bringing geometric shapes together with a smart use of color and people-friendly design to create a finished product that is unique and sophisticated, whether the project is corporate architecture, religious institution design, or anything in between.

Do you enjoy geometry and geometric shapes, or do you prefer more organic forms? Share your thoughts in the comments, or drop us an email.