It is a pleasure for us to have our portfolio on RISD’s website. Leslie Saul earned her Bachelor’s of Architecture, Fine Arts and Architecture at Rhode Island School of Design and enjoys her continued involvement with the college.

The portfolio covers the range of our work, covering various design disciplines.

  • Academic projects. Our university projects, like the¬†Claire T. Carney Library at U Mass Dartmouth, take into account the needs of all members of the community. The design below was performed in association with designLAB Architects and Austin Architects.


Leslie Saul & Associates

Interior by Leslie Saul & Associates. Claire T. Carney Library U Mass Dartmouth- Dartmouth, MA

  • Non-Profit and Institutional Projects. Interior design reinforces the brand identity of clients like the¬†IFAW International Fund for Animal Welfare in Yarmouthport, MA. (Design in association with designLAB Architects).
Leslie Saul & Associates

Design by Leslie Saul & Associates. IFAW International Fund for Animal Welfare, Yarmouthport, MA (In association with designLAB Architects)


  • Private residences. It’s always a pleasure to get to know a family as we design a home that reflect their lifestyle.
Newton residence

Newton residence designed by Leslie Saul & Associates.


For more images from different categories, check out our portfolio on RISD’s website by clicking here!