The restoration of a Frank Lloyd Wright residential structure in Canton, Ohio¬†respects the iconic architect’s design intent. Two key design elements of the Usonian¬†John J. Dobkins House — triangles and Asian influence — are respected in the restoration.

  • Triangles. The home is a continuation of Wright’s use of geometry in architecture — an approach that resulted in memorable homes. The corners in the Dobkins House are not as efficient as those in a rectilinear home would be. But a Frank Lloyd Wright home is more than just space — it is a unique experience.
Frank Lloyd Wright triangles

Image of architectural plan via Houzz


Frank Lloyd Wright

Image via Houzz

  • Asian influence. Wright’s deep appreciation for Asian architecture is evident in the living room, which has Wright-designed Origami chairs, clean lines, and a visual connection to the outdoors.
Frank Lloyd Wright

Image via Houzz.


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