Before and After: From An Evening’s Doodling To A Transformed Home

When the clients called for a design consultation about how to transform their dark and cramped Tudor into an open and bright space suitable for a young and growing family, they thought that the creative process was something that architects did at their offices away from the clients.  Leslie arrived one evening and worked in an interactive 5 hour session with the client to understand their lifestyle and the existing house, and then sketched madly to show her ideas about how to renovate their home.  Interestingly, many of the ideas that surfaced that evening stayed with the project until the end.

We added 2600 sq. ft. of living space that is barely distinguishable from the original house on the front façade.  A stunning 2-story family room centers on a stone fireplace designed in a “Craftsman” style that is quite compatible with the original Tudor house.  This room also brings light and air into the rest of the house.  The large kitchen addition is the heart of the house, and incorporates tile and stone that pick up on the Craftsman theme.  The master bath occupies the space between existing house and new master bedroom over the garage. The dining room has been renovated and rejuvenated to look more naturally in tune to the craftsman period of the house, making family dinners in the space inviting and cozy.

Before- Front of House

After- Front of House


Before- Bathroom

After- Bathroom


Before- Dining Room

After- Dining Room


Do you have any Before and After photos?  We would love to have you share them with us.

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  1. Leslie – the renovations to this Tudor home are incredible! And I know how great you are in the moment, sketching away with your thoughts racing. You are amazing!
    Always your fan – Trish

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