Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam is an artist well known for her stunning crocheted installation artworks. We love her use of color, texture and architectural design, so we were excited to see this interview with the artist featured in HuffPo’s Arts & Culture section recently.

crochet art installation

One of MacAdam’s most famous pieces is the “Woods of Net” pavilion in the Hakone Open Air Museum in Japan. The installation, which takes up a huge indoor space, is woven entirely by hand and took almost a year to complete. The woven texture and the bright colors work together to create an energetic atmosphere that is supremely tactile, begging interaction from kids and adults alike.

playful design

As you read about her installations, it becomes clear that what makes her art “work” are some of the same factors that make good design work. This includes using a combination of texture and color to help create a mood within a room, thoughtful space planning, and even consideration of how the lighting design will interact with the interior architecture and furnishings.

At Leslie Saul and Associates, we strive to use those same elements of color, texture and form to help create a comfortable, inviting, and engaging environment. Contact as today if you’re looking for a Boston architect for your next commercial, residential, or institutional design project.

photos via Huffington Post