How many times have you heard the phrase, “The children are our future”? If your answer is “hundreds”, well there’s a reason for that…it’s true! It’s also the reason organizations like United Way exist, funding a number of different programs to help the youth in our communities make the most of their potential and go on to change the world.

One of the many programs backed by United Way is the Child Witness to Violence Project. This agency identifies and helps young children who have been affected by violence. One child that the program was able to help was Janine, who was constantly exposed to domestic violence between her parents. By the time she was placed in foster care, she had already been homeless on multiple occasions. Understandably, her family history had caused hardship for her, resulting in social problems and misbehavior. She needed a nurturing environment in order to regain a feeling of safety and comfort that she never had.

The Child Witness to Violence Project worked with Janine’s foster mother and child care provider, helping her adjust to her new life by learning to trust again. This is just one of the programs funded by United Way that benefited 21,953 children last year alone.

For our 20th anniversary here at Leslie Saul & Associates, we just want one thing. Help make a difference in the life of a child like Janine by donating $20 to the United Way of either Boston or Miami.  Click here to enter our Campaign.  In return, you’re invited to our 20th anniversary celebration, and entered into a contest to win an architectural tour and lunch with Leslie!

Images: United Way