Thanks to Betsy Kravitz for helping LS&A reach our goal and celebrating our 20th anniversary!

Betsy Kravitz“I was thrilled to be asked to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Leslie Saul and Associates by donating to United Way.

I have been volunteering for 18 years at a shelter for homeless women and children supported by United Way; Abby’s House in Worcester, MA. I run the shelter one overnight a month. It’s an oasis for desperately troubled women and their children that receives no government funding. By donating to the shelter I know that I’m helping to provide needed emergency housing for people in dire need.

I encourage you to make a donation to honor Leslie and her team so your good fortune can impact someone else’s life. They’ve asked for such a tiny contribution and it goes so far. In Yiddish their celebration is called a “simcha,” a joyous occasion.

Please join me in marking those precious moments in our lives by making a difference in someone else’s.

Betsy Abeles Kravitz-Bizbuz Marketing