Technological innovation has sparked big changes for workplace design. Telecommuting grows year by year, but even businesses that have employees in the office full-time are realizing the old models don’t make sense any more. Gone are the days when bulky computers and clunky phones necessitated cubicle-filled rooms of workers tethered to desks. Add to that the changes wrought by a shifting economy, and it’s no surprise there’s now a high demand for innovative workplace design. Some companies, including our own, opt to space-share. Others use the extra space to carve out more room for collaborative efforts.

LSA Boston office

Leslie Saul & Associates share office space divided by a wall, with Sakae Institute.

The economic downturn a half decade ago forced our office to get creative. We chose to share our space with another local company. Not only did it boost morale, it helped our business save valuable money and, therefore, valuable employees. Our office was featured by the Boston Globe as one of many professional startups getting creative with our work spaces.

modern office design

Schmitt + Company offices and studio. Source:

space efficient home office

Home Office by transFORM. Source:

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” the saying goes, so the modern office needs to accommodate modern sensibilities. For some, this means building a home office into a garage. For others, it means designing an office space that can handle full-time work but incorporates a homey element as well.

And even larger corporations are jumping on the innovative workplace design train. Places like The Cambridge Innovation Center and Regus are using modern corporate design elements to attract business owners to their leased or rented office spaces. Offices and meeting spaces can be used part- or full- time, depending on the business’s needs.

Boston corporate design

One thing Leslie Saul & Associates has learned after 20 years of business is that some things never change. The best workplace designs incorporate natural light, a sense of spaciousness, and comfortable places to interact, creating an atmosphere conducive to creativity and collaboration. To learn more about our corporate design services, contact us today!