Custom Rugs Add Color, Pattern, Texture to Interiors

Last Thursday we had the opportunity to visit with Anna Patterson, project manager at angela adams. Anna gave us a wonderful introduction to angela adams rugs. These rugs are so much more than just functional floor coverings–they’re an artist’s 3-dimensional interpretation of nature, expressed in unique color, pattern, and texture through textiles.

angela adams floor tapestry

angela adams Forest Floor Treasure Tapestry


angela adams Sea Fantasy Treasure Tapestry

angela adams Sea Fantasy Treasure Tapestry

Rugs this interesting go beyond merely a place to put your feet, offering a springboard from which to design an entire space. Our recent post about nature-inspired interior design featured one room with a “mossy” carpet. You’ll see that same sense of perception-bending artistry and nature-inspired whimsy in the Forest Floor Tapestry and Sea Fantasy Tapestry from the angela adams Treasure Tapestries collection.

Another great source for attention-grabbing area rugs is The Rug Company. We love that the wide range of unique designs they offer includes something for everyone, from punk rock royalty (check out this Alexander McQueen collection) to contemporary minimalists.

The Rug Company Paris Swirl

The Rug Company Paris Swirl


The Rug Company tracery

The Rug Company Tracery

For a more subtle take on nature-inspired interior design, we love this Paris Swirl rug by Paul Smith. With its layers of color, it reminds us of the cross sections of rock strata. The pattern of the Tracery rug by Kelly Wearstler shows another take on geologic decor, with subtle lines echoing the veining of marble.

Nature-inspired rugs like these could work well in a variety of interior design applications, from eclectic residential design to an attention-grabbing corporate office.

How do you feel about incorporating uncommon decor into your design schemes? We’d love to help you with your next project, so contact Leslie Saul & Associates today for Boston architecture and interiors.

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  1. Thank you for including us in this post. It was a pleasure to meet you all. Looking forward to following your work!


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