Over the past two decades, the gourmet food and wine scene has transcended the classes and is now appreciated by a much wider sector of the population than ever before. Wine cellar design is becoming more prevalent as connoisseurs opt to have top-quality wine storage in their own residences and businesses.

Let’s take a look at wine cellar design across the commercial and residential spectrum.

Dining in the cellar. Traditionally, the wine cellar is a sacred realm where one retreats, selects choice wines to accompany a meal, and then arises with the fermented fruits of their foraging. However, many restaurants are making their private reserves more public.

Examples of this include The Wine Cellar, located in the XV Beacon hotel. Private parties can book the space and enjoy each other’s company while surrounded by thousands of wines, some dating back to the 1700s. Visit The Forge in Miami, and tour one of the most rare wine collections on the planet. It’s comprised of eight rooms, 300,000-bottles, and private dining reservations are available.

fifteen beacon hotel

The Wine Cellar
Source: CN traveler via Fifteen Beacon

The Forge

The Forge
Source: Bizbash

Private collections. Impressive wine cellar designs aren’t solely for restaurant owners and wineries. The over-the-top private wine cellar designs, featured in The Huffington Post show that upscale private wine cellar designs aren’t all that different. If you have the budget, private wine collectors seem to enjoy the same qualities of beautiful design, including optional seating to savor secret tastes or glasses.

wine cellar

Unique wine cellar
Source: HuffingtonPost

wine cellar
Traditional wine cellar


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