There’s a reason why many Baby Boomers shudder when considering their long-term living options; for decades senior living facilities have been associated with drab interiors, devoid of color, energy, or creative interior design elements. In fact, many of them resemble hotels or hospitals much more than a place you would want to call Home. Fortunately, communities like Sunrise Senior Living and The Hebrew SeniorLife NewBridge on the Charles Community Center are changing the tide for senior care facility design. Like us, they believe there needs to be more of a balance between aesthetics and function in senior communities.
Designing senior living facilities with neutral colors makes sense. If you moved into a suite that was decorated with a flamingo pink motif, it may be difficult to create a sense of home with your own furnishings. However, we like the idea of designing spaces that infuse color and style in a way that makes sense.

At Sunrise Senior Living, one resident won a contest that earned her living space an overhaul from HGTV. The results turned a rather boring, neutral interior into a space infused with her favorite color, allowing her own art and mementos to come to the forefront.

before and after Sunrise bedroom makeover

Before and After Bedroom. Source:


Before and After Fran's Work Station

Before and After Work Station. Source:

The NewBridge on the Charles Community Center used a rich blue and colorful wall art to liven up their café. Not to mention there are many colorful art pieces done by various artists that grace the NewBridge campus.  Imagine if every resident was able to consult with a designer to update their living space before they moved in. We have no doubt that neutrals would be out and colors would be in because seniors love color too!


NewBridge Art Sculpture Wall

“Vitality” wall sculpture. Source:


Sistah - NewBridge Art

by Beatrix Grayson. Source:

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