There are many ways to give back to the community through design. We have talked before about some examples such as the FOUNDhouse project or creating affordable social housing for our senior population. Another example, right here in our own community, involves a very unique type of Boston architecture and it’s called Canstruction Boston.

The Canstruction Boston project got its start in 1995 as a non-profit organization. Their goal is to bring the public’s attention to the issue of hunger across our communities, and to work toward a solution. Hunger is not something that happens “out there,” it is a problem in every community across the nation.


Canstruction Boston House

Source: Architectural Resources Cambridge (ARC)
Pass Go and Collect 2,130 Cans!

The first goal of Canstruction Boston is to collect canned goods from thousands of donors in the local area. These cans are then given to participating design professionals. The list of participants includes architects, university students, interior designers, and building professionals. At this point, it is a design/build competition and the teams compete to create remarkable sculptures from their cans.


Canstruction Boston Payette Team

Source: Payette
It’s Sweet Peas! It’s Sweet Peas!

You can visit the Facebook page to view examples of this year’s canned structures.

Once the competition is finished, and all the awards have been handed out, the cans are distributed to local food banks and emergency feeding programs. If you missed the public viewing hours for this years Canstruction sculptures, make sure to bookmark their website so you can participate next year.


Canstruction Boston Hunger Bumpers

Source: EYP Architecture & Engineering
Hunger Bumpers

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