The holiday season is almost upon us, which means busy shoppers are searching for “just right” gift list items for their loved ones. If you have any architecture buffs in your family, we have some gift ideas they are sure to love.

Lego City

Source: Lego City Residential Area

Legos for the little tykes. Legos make a wonderful gift for children small and large. They are available in big chunky blocks, easy (and safe!) for the 4 and under crowd. They’re also available in incredibly tiny and complex pieces for the master architects out there. In fact, Legos are a hit with many older kids, some of whom have gotten interested in Stop Motion Lego Videos, so you might inspire a future videographer as well.

SimCity Hotels Block

Source: SimCity Hotels Block

For the mid-range crowd. The video game SimCity is available for both PCs and Macs. Players build their own cities. Successful architecture does well, errors will cost you. It’s a fun and artistic way to play with architecture and city planning.




Gifts for the true aficionado. There are many architecture books on the market. The Design Book: 1000 New Designs for the Home and Where to Find Them is a remarkable compilation of some of the best modern home design furnishings, and it’s a useful resource if you want to enhance your own home design. You can also consult this list regarding 10 Notable Design Books of 2013 to ensure you’re buying them something new.

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