The technology era has brought a different type of architect to the forefront of the design world: computer architects. These days, architects in Boston have the ability to work in both the real or the virtual world. To explore the difference in what these different types of architects do, we thought we would take a look at the world of computer games and compare it with real life.

The Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game, developed and published by Electronic Arts, allows players to be Tiger, or other PGA Tour pro golfers, as they make their way through 18-holes of a challenging digital golf course. The architects that design this game must meticulously study golf course landscape designs, as well as the ins-and-outs of golf course geometry and physics. All that knowledge is translated into computer codes that create a shockingly realistic representation on the TV, computer, or mobile device screen.

In fact, players of this particular game can access the game’s website for tips and tricks regarding how to successfully navigate particular areas of the golf course. These help sites look uncannily like the course descriptions or Hole-by-Hole stats published by real life golf courses. What many don’t realize is architects are responsible for the design and construction of real life golf courses too.


Masters Augusta Hole 12

Masters Augusta Hole 12. Source:


hole 12-amen corner

Masters Augusta Hole 12. Source: Fred Vuich

Both computer and real life Boston architects are working to make the world a more fun and interesting place. Contact LS&A Architecture and Interiors when you’re ready to enhance the physical structures in your world.