As we sit here watching the snow and ice, fantasies of warm sunny skies, swimming pools and drinks with colorful umbrellas abound. Instead of feeling guilty about daydreaming, consider them a work in progress, using them to plan your upcoming pool design.

You have plenty of time to make your wish list, contact designers and contractors, and get your project on their calendars before they are booked.

Leslie Saul Pool House

The following are some of the reasons why winter is the best season for pool planning.

  1. Pricing. Just as the best deals on this season’s clothing lines will be after the season is over, the best pricing for pool construction supplies is often during the winter months. Your contractor may be able to get rock-bottom-prices for some of the materials that will be back to full-price come spring.
  2. Timing. If you build it now, it will be ready in time. Unfortunately, most people wait until warm weather hits to begin pool construction. This means precious sunny days watching excavation and concrete pouring when you could have been BBQing, floating, and thinking about how amazing your life is.
  3. Plan the extras. Drawing up your plans now gives you time to think of the little extras. The construction required to dig and build a pool provides the ideal opportunity to run any gas, water, and electrical lines required for fire pits, saunas, water features, and lighting.

Leslie Saul Assoc. PoolReady to revamp your outdoor lifestyle? Contact LS&A Architecture and Interiors. We’ll even throw in the little umbrellas.