Architecture and design comes in all forms from commercial and industrial applications to private homes and landscapes. One of the least celebrated, but important to our modern movie culture, is the type of design involved in making a celebrated film production. The set of a film is designed to draw the viewers into the screen, suspending their own lives and thrusting them into the world that exists onscreen.

This quick video from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences shares insight from some of Hollywood’s top production designers regarding the criteria for good production design. One of the most striking components is the similarity between so many of the designers’ independent responses: a good set design is so integral to the film that it isn’t a distraction at all, rather, it should hardly be noticed and shouldn’t “hit you over the head.” In the words of set decorator Victor J. Zolfo, “Everything just feels right.”

american hustle office scene

2014 Oscar Production Design Nominee “American Hustle” (Judy Becker, Heather Loeffler) Source:

While we aren’t trying to sell tickets or create the next box office splash, Leslie Saul & Associates Architecture and Interiors shares a similar philosophy with our own real world designs. A well-designed private home or business should be pleasing to the eye, of course. It might even have one or two stunning features. But, overall, it’s designed to make people happy, be functional and solve problems in a seamless and integrated way.

Perseus Books Group, Boston, MA LS&A

Perseus Books Group, Boston, MA. Leslie Saul & Associates

We wish this year’s Oscar Production Design Nominees the best of luck.

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