Our offices here at Leslie Saul & Associates Architecture and Interiors are abuzz with excitement. We were recently awarded two award badges by Houzz, including “Best of Houzz in Design” and “Best of Houzz in Customer Satisfaction.” One of the most satisfying elements about winning these awards is that they are voted on by more than 16 million Houzz users. People’s choice awards are always the most satisfying to attain and we thank all of you who voted for us!

We’re a Boston design firm whose mission is┬áto make the world a better place in which to work, play, age, live, and learn. We are most excited when presented with a set of design challenges that need to be solved. As such, we’re especially interested in corporate, academic, institutional, religious, and retail design.

Some of our recent home renovation projects featured on Houzz include:

Boston condo. This project’s particular challenge was to renovate several smaller condominiums into one cohesive unit. We created a transitional design using modern amenities, such as the large sauna room in the master bath, paired with just the right amount of warm, traditional design elements.

Eclectic Bedroom by Cambridge Architects & Designers Leslie Saul & Associates

Auburndale House. It’s always fun to have an eclectic project, allowing us to use our passion for art as well as our architectural know-how. The Auburndale House provided that opportunity in the remodel of a large bathroom, including plenty of creative architecture and artistic tile work.

Eclectic Bathroom by Cambridge Architects & Designers Leslie Saul & Associates

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