We’re always interested in the blurry zone where architectural design concept rubs up against another. An example of this is the mashup of the hospital and hotel industries. As Oscar night approaches, we thought it would be fun to examine the new mashup trend, or hybridization, taking place in movie theater design.

Movie theaters are cashing in on the idea of “dinner and a movie” by providing full dinner and drink service right in front of the big screen. This idea requires designers to take both restaurant and movie theater design into consideration.

Superlux. In Chestnut Hill, MA, you can visit the Superlux and enjoy one of two dining options. The first involves the Superlux in-seating dining area, where guests have a call button on their table and can enjoy service throughout the show. The Luxlite seating area offers full-service dining prior to the show but service ends once the show begins. After the movie, guests can visit the SuperLux lounge for drinks and lighter fare.

Superlux Lounge/Lobby in Chestnut Hill, MA

Superlux Lounge/Lobby in Chestnut Hill, MA. Source: thrillist.com

CinéBistro. Located in Miami, CinéBistro offers full service in-theater dining as long as guests arrive at least 30 minutes before the show. Otherwise, guests can eat in a dining room ahead of time, or visit their swanky lounge for cocktails and small dishes before or after their show.

Cinebistro Miami

CinéBistro Miami. Source: miamiinfocus.com

Even Indie theaters are getting involved. From acoustic considerations to ambiance, this trend brings another level of complexity for movie theater designers and a deeper blow to the pockets of many movie-goers.

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