Who knew archaeology was so exciting? Perhaps our first clue was back in 1981 when we watched Raiders of the Lost Ark, but we digress…

Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Source: drafthouse.com

While Harrison Ford brought a certain panache to the field of archaeology, it’s still considered a relatively dry subject. However, present day happenings are making it a little more exciting and – dare we say – sexy?

Just look at what’s happening in downtown Miami in an area where the Miami River intersects with Biscayne Bay. National historic landmark? UNESCO World Heritage Site? Or Whole Foods and a High-rise hotel? Those are questions local Miami residents, archaeologists, and developers wrangle with as archaeologists continue unearthing, “one of the most significant prehistoric” Native American villages, dating back as far as 2000 years.

tequesta dig in Miami

Archaeologists found postholes, sharpened tools and animal bones at the downtown Miami site. Source: WFOR via nydailynews.com

While architectural designs may seem like the beginning of any construction project, the true starting line takes place in the development of land. This is certainly the case for commercial developments taking place on unbroken ground. The minute any archaeological evidence is suspected, or found, before/during the excavation process, expert archaeologists are brought on the scene. So far, archaeologists have found ancient tools and village remnants, as well as architectural remnants from the Royal Palm Hotel, built in 1897.

Then, we’ve also tuned in to the fame garnered by National Geographic archaeologist Josh Bernstein, whose show Digging for the Truth has garnered widespread support and made archaeology pleasing to look at again. He was even rated one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive. Nothing boring about that!


josh bernstein

Josh Bernstein. Source: nationalgeographic.com

Perhaps the combination of relevant events on the home soil, combined with a splash of Hollywood will help people see how exciting archaeology really is.

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