While green design is touted across the design and build spectrum as the wave of the future, the real proof is in the proverbial pudding; it’s only in the last decade that homeowners have had the chance to evaluate whether their decision to build – or buy – a green home was worth the extra investment. According to ecobuildingpulse.com, the surveys say buyers’ remorse is not an issue.

New Town Builders Zero Energy home in Stapelton, CO

New Town Builders Zero Energy home. Source: New Town Builders

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) commissioned a study from GuildQuality to establish whether or not green homeowners were satisfied with their purchases, as well as the factors they were most, or least, satisfied with. The good news for all of us interested in green design, not to mention the planet, is that homeowners seem to be overwhelmingly satisfied with their green homes.

Let’s look at  some of the survey’s results:

  • 94% of the homeowners said they would recommend a green home to their friends.
  • 71% felt their green homes were built to higher standards than non-green counterparts.
  • 92% would purchase a green home again in the future (interesting that 2% of the people who would recommend a green home to their friends aren’t compelled to buy one in the future).
  • 55% said that they felt the extra costs associated with their green home were worth it.

It’s no surprise that the favorite bonus of owning a green home was the savings related to reduced energy consumption.

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