“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” but what happens when Jack has all play and no work? That was our experience while designing spaces for children at the Dedham Health and Athletic Complex. Our design incorporated lots of color, an emphasis on Disney-inspired decor and – our favorite part – super cool lighting that included a changing sky effect. Our clients, guests and their kids love it.

Dedham Kids Downtown play area_Leslie Saul

Dedham Health & Athletic Complex Kid’s Downtown Play Area. Source: www.dedhamhealth.com. Designed by Leslie Saul & Associates Architecture & Interiors

The Dedham project helped us realize how important children’s spaces are when it comes to encouraging imagination and creativity as well as accommodating children’s needs for physical movement. Imagine the difference between growing up – or growing old – in a sterile, bland environment versus one that caters to the eyes, mind, and heart.

Here are examples of facility design that provide a stimulating environment for children.

Vélez-Rubio Daycare Center. Children that attend this Spanish-based daycare center can’t help but benefit from the fact that the designers were parents themselves. Eva Luque and Alejandro Pascual were committed to designing a center any child would love, complete with color and interactive architecture.

Guardería Municipal Vélez-Rubio

Guardería Municipal Vélez-Rubio. Source: Interior Design Magazine

Technology Childcare Center (TCC). Faculty, students, and staff at MIT can send their children to the TCC that, “has been designed according to high standards for early childhood learning to foster the education, comfort, health, and safety of children.” TCC is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

MIT Technology Childcare Center

MIT Technology Childcare Center. Source: capitalprojects.mit.edu

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