Mature Adults taking a play Break in a modern office

Take a Play Break in the office on day. Source:

Busy lifestyles prevent us from making time for creative or playful outlets but it’s often a challenge to actually do something about it.

Here are a few big Ideas from our friend Rochelle Seltzer to give your heart and soul a chance to speak up.

Take short breaks. You don’t have to take a 30 minute walk outdoors to soothe your eyes with natural light and a dose of Mother Nature (although we highly recommend it if you have the time). Even a simple 2-minute or 5-minute respite, looking at the clouds, watching leaves dance in the breeze or breathing a few deep breaths of fresh air can make a dramatic improvement in how you feel.

Do something different. The scientific and medical experts used to think our brains didn’t grow or change much after adolescence. Boy, were they ever wrong. Now we know that neural synapses continue to proliferate and grow if we give our brains something to chew on. Try driving a new way to work, jogging your route in reverse, or trying something new to trick your brain into a new perspective.

Make time for play. Whatever ‘play’ means for you, take time out and do it. Perhaps it means rolling around on the ground with your dog, playing “pretend” with your kids, or stashing away a finger paint or market set to tangibly get in touch with your creative side.

At Leslie Saul & Associates Architecture and Interiors, we’re lucky to work in a field that requires creative expression and play.