Legendary female architects like Denise Scott Brown are commended for their steadfast efforts at paving the way for future generations as well as their lasting impressions on modern architecture and design. Today, we’re focusing the spotlight on two current female architects who are renowned for their abilities, even though their styles are very different.

Zaha Hadid at the London Aquatics centre, May 2012

Zaha Hadid at the London Aquatics Centre. Source: www.standard.co.uk

Zaha Hadid of Zaha Hadid Architects is British-born and received her education at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. ArcSpace.com has dubbed her the  “uncrowned queen of contemporary iconic architecture .” Her innovative architecture is unmistakable in its sensuous curves and creative layering. Zahid’s buildings are known for expressing utopian ideals and almost every one of her projects looks as if it has, indeed, traveled back to us through time from another more artistically-influenced society. One example is her One Thousand Museum project in Miami. The design of the six-star luxury residential tower itself resembles that of a contemporary sculpture.


7 World Trade Center

7 World Trade Center. Source: the-bac.edu

A younger, but equally talented, architect to pay attention to is Nicole Dosso of SOM. Nicole is an American-native who graduated from Syracuse University. While her aesthetic style is more angular and geometry-driven than Hadid’s, it’s no wonder: she specializes in high-rise designs and has had the remarkable honor of coordinating the design and construction of One World Trade Center, the first office tower to be erected at the World Trade Center site. Her work also includes 7 World Trade Center and 250 West 55th St. It’s clear that Ms. Dosso has an exemplary grasp of light play and geography.

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