Structural engineers play a vital role in the preliminary design and building stages of private home and commercial construction. However, they’re also necessary in multiple situations that crop up long after your home or business is complete. Input from a structural engineer will ensure remodeling, renovation, or post-damage repair projects are completed as safely and efficiently as possible.

structural engineer and architect


Here are four examples of when you should call on the opinion of a structural engineer.

  1. Before you build an addition. Always consult advice from a structural engineer before proceeding with an addition. This will ensure that your foundation is properly reinforced, that the building’s integrity will not be compromised and that you perform adequate reinforcements or features to comply with local building codes.
  2. When you are altering the original layout. It may look like knocking out a wall here or adding a window there will enhance your home’s design.What you aren’t taking into consideration is what those interior and exterior walls may be hiding. A single consultation with a structural engineer provides the red, yellow or green light you need before proceeding. If the walls in question are required for structural and weight-bearing support, an engineer can provide you with alternative ideas.
  3. When you’re home has been damaged. Whether it’s the result of a high winds or a fallen tree, structural damage should be assessed by an engineer who can recommend the most effective and affordable repair plan.
  4. When you are living with a pack rat who saves magazines, LP records and books in the attic. Rarely are attic floors structured to hold those loads. They are usually structured to hold the roof together, not to hold libraries.

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