Law firm design is really a series of design niches in one. Unlike other businesses that may have fairly straightforward needs, law firms have to take a serious look at their brand differentiators before they move forward with a redesign.

For example, many law firms want to appear hip and modern, which spawned the white marble and brown wood look that was first popularized in Miami in the early 2000s. Other firms may feel they’re best off continuing a historic and traditional reputation, in which case darker woods and the formal library look are still relevant.

At Leslie Saul & Associates Architecture and Interiors we feel a successful law firm design should express who you are, always a good m.o. for attracting the right clients. Here are four law firm design trends you can use to demonstrate who you are to your present and future clients.

  1. Be modern. Do update your law office using contemporary design principles. There are plenty of ways to incorporate traditional elements too. Keep hard flooring surfaces away from meeting/conference rooms, where heel-clicking is a major distraction.

    Version 2.0 Communications Boston MA

    Version 2.0 Communications, Boston, MA. Designed by Leslie Saul & Associates.

  2. Social spaces. Cafes and lounge-style break rooms will attract young associates. Collaboration happens most often when there are comfortable spaces to share ideas.

    Berman DeValerio & Pease Boston MA_Leslie Saul

    Berman DeValerio & Pease, Boston, MA. Designed by Leslie Saul & Associates.

  3. Include quiet lounges. Associates can use a quiet lounge as a space to get work done away from the desk. They can also double as small meeting rooms.

    Bloom & Witkin Boston MA_Leslie Saul

    Bloom & Witkin, Boston, MA. Designed by Leslie Saul &Associates.

  4. Make offices smaller. The addition of caf├ęs and social spaces means office real estate can be much more efficient.

    Colony Realty Partners

    Colony Realty Partners, Boston, MA. Designed by Leslie Saul & Associates.

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