Humans are fueled by passion, and how wonderful it is when those passions drive them into careers that do good for communities and the world-at-large. Such is the case with an architecture critic and an author who have leveraged their passions to create works worthy of a Pulitzer Prize.

What Do a Pulitzer Prize-winning Architecture Critic and Non-fiction Author Have in Common?

The ability to evoke civic passion, that’s what. These two Pulitzer Prize recipients desire to inspire others and make the world a better place.

Architecture critic, Inga Saffron, has been nominated for three Pulitzer Prizes and was finally the recipient of an award last month. Currently working as an architecture critic for Philadelphia’s Inquirer, Saffron’s passion is the development – and redevelopment – of Philadelphia.

Inga Saffron_Pulitzer Prize

Pulitzer Prize Winner, Inga Saffron. Source: Michael Mercanti via

Saffron’s work is so highly-regarded that her pieces, which focus on everything from parking issues and waterfront development to zoning, have helped to shape Philadelphia’s development policies.

Another Pulitzer winner, author Dan Fagin, won the prize for his acclaimed nonfiction book, Tom’s River: A story of science and salvation. According to the Pulitzer website, his book, “deftly combines investigative reporting and historical research to probe a New Jersey seashore town’s cluster of childhood cancers linked to water and air pollution.” It is a beautiful interweaving of scientific facts and heartfelt human stories. Falgin wants to prevent what happened at Toms River from ever happening again.

Dan Fagin

Pulitzer Prize Winner, Dan Fagin. Source:

Leslie Saul & Associates Architecture and Interiors congratulates Saffron and Falgin for harnessing their talents to evoke civic passion and inspire positive change.