The trend towards online learning continues to move forward, full steam ahead! This means the home office is now doing double duty. Whether you have children at home who use the internet on a regular basis for homework and school projects, or you are the one taking advantage of online classes, your home office design should incorporate a layout and features that accommodate your learning style and are ergonomically healthy for long hours in front of a computer screen.

The following tips can help you design a home office that will help your learning style and study habits.

Invite nature in. Your eyes are going to need a restful break from screen- and book time. If possible, try to seat your computer area such that a window or patio door is to the side. Windows ahead and windows behind can create a glare, but a side view produces diffused light and gives you a chance to gaze outdoors and enjoy nature to take a break. If that isn’t possible, try to incorporate nature scenes or natural elements in the wall art, furnishings and accents.

Think modularly. Try to avoid a permanent furniture arrangement so that you can maneuver your desk, chairs, computer set-up, etc., as needed. Modular pieces are an excellent solution so your design can be rearranged for your comfort. Something as simple as having seated or standing work space options provides more flexibility.

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