Just a year after the Boston Marathon tragedy there are so many different forms of healing taking place here in Boston. One of the most profound examples of this is the way the Boston Survivors Accessibility Alliance has mobilized to renovate the homes of those who have been permanently injured and whose mobility is compromised as a result of the detonated bombs.

Boston Marthon Athletics Association

Source: via cdrcboston.org

The BSAA is a joint effort between Boston architects, contractors, material suppliers and legal and financial agencies to make accessible design changes in the homes of the injured. The work is 100% volunteer-driven so the victims don’t have to pay a cent. When the team has completed their work, the victims can enjoy the benefits of ADA accessible, stylish and functional homes.

So far, there are more than 70 Boston architects on board and the roster continues to grow. Additional perks of the program include:

  • waived permitting fees
  • reduced red tape
  • temporary housing for occupants while the renovations are taking place

The renovations are tailor-designed to meet the needs of the afflicted individual based on the professional assessment of an occupational therapist. So far the renovations have spanned a variety of homes ranging from single-level houses to three-story walk ups. This enterprise reminds us of the work that Fort Belvoir’s Wounded Warrior Home project has facilitated to help our wounded veterans.

Fort Belvoir Kitchen

LS&A Architecture and Interiors is so proud of the BSAA for organizing this project for the marathon victims, and we look forward to seeing their progress.