Summer is here, alright! If you’re like us – work weeks are spent counting down the days until your can spend time in a cool, inviting pool. Pool design is its own niche in the outdoor design world. From natural swimming pools that replicate some of the most gorgeous watering holes found in Mother Nature to more modern designs, there’s a pool for every taste. What’s yours?

Modern or Natural: What’s Your Swimming Pool Style?

Here are a few key differences between modern and natural swimming pool design.

Natural swimming pool design. A natural swimming pool is built to appear as if your backyard includes a natural lagoon or grotto. Typically, it has natural stone for the patio deck and pool edges. In most cases, there’s nary a 90-degree angle to be found. Rather, the pool has rounded, irregular edges and may also include an additional water feature to give the appearance of a creek or waterfall spilling into the pool of water. Finally, natural swimming pools include lush landscaping near, in, and/or around their edges to reinforce the idea of a natural retreat.

Sudbury house Pool area

Sudbury house Pool area. Designed by LS&A Architecture and Interiors

Modern swimming pool design. On the flip side, a modern pool design will have clean pool edges, often in a traditional rectangle. Even rounded pool edges will be formed by concrete or other smooth-edged applications. Landscaping is usually kept away from the pool area and the furnishings will be brightly colored or modern to complete the effect.


Bolton House Pool

Bolton House Pool. Designed by LS&A Architecture and Interiors

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