Given a choice between Google or Facebook, where would you want to work? Before you answer that, you may want to take a look into the digs of two of the most highly sought after employers in the country.We’re pretty sure the office spaces – and all the perks that go along with them – are a large part of the attraction.

Open office design. Well, if huge open office spaces are your cup of tea, your decision is still wide open. Both locations offer plenty of open space with free seating arrangements and modular or completely unrelated furniture and furnishings that is easily rearranged to suit employees’ needs, including a fair amount of bean bags.

Facebook open office

Facebook open office. Source:


Google Office Milan

Google Office Milan. Source:


Opportunities for privacy. One of the great downfalls with the open office mentality is they diminish the importance of quiet, private work spaces. Both companies do offer an array of quiet spaces as well, including phone booths, sans phones, where people can enjoy a private phone conversation.

Google London Telephone Booth and Beach Hut

Google London Telephone Booth and Beach Huts. Source:


Facebook Phone Booth w Superman humor

Facebook Phone Booth with Superman humor. Source:


Ambiance.  Although the two companies have things in common, their ambiance is quite different.

Google has a decidedly playful and almost childlike motif. It’s all primary colors and plastic shiny things; there are spaces that almost have a “kindergarten for adults” vibe. This seems like a smart move since childhood is often the most creative time in our lives.

Google (Zurich) Employee Lounge

Google Zurich Employee Lounge. Source:

However, Facebook has a more edgy and adult feel, like you’ve stepped into a major subway station where only the coolest beatniks and artists hang out.

Facebook Office and DJ Setup

Facebook Office and DJ Setup. Source:

The driving force might be the aesthetics when selecting which company you’d work for. So, which is it? Google or Facebook? Cast your vote in the comment box below.

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