It’s not easy changing paradigms. Most of us leave one set of boundaries for another set, until we find a way to create paradigms of our own. There is no better example of this than tech companies and startups.

Big business tech started out the way most big businesses used to get started: suits, ties and formal workplace design. Then as the tech era got going, hip culture began to infiltrate. Goodbye ties! Adios cubicles (mostly)! Hello open office space.

The big tech companies have come a long way from the suit-and-tie and ultra-formal office days but they still have a traditional office edge.

IBM Lounge

IBM Lounge. Source:

This IBM lounge at their Boston Location looks modern but there isn’t a hint of edge or a single colorful beanbag to be found. The same can be said for Apple, which is attractive and comfortable but still maintains a relatively structured appearance.

Apple office image

Apple office. Source:

Now, startup companies like Quest Workspaces in Miami are taking it a step further and creating workplace designs that can meet Big Tech and Hip Tech expectations.


Quest Workspaces Miami

Quest Workspaces Miami. Source:

On the other end of the spectrum are the tech- and start-up companies that are throwing tradition to the wind, creating workspaces the like of which have never existed before. We’ve written about the idea of co-working spaces before and Quest Workspaces is a wonderful example of how new start-ups are doing it. We were invited to their new opening and the office spaces are fresh, creative and totally functional.

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