Bedroom interior design can be tricky. By day, the modern bedroom may be a functional place where laundry is sorted, books are read and a home office space is tucked into a corner. By night the bedroom is where we go to shut the door on the rest of the world, relax and (hopefully!) get a good night’s sleep. For these reasons, we recommend choosing soothing bedroom colors with a splash of happy, so it’s as pleasant by day as it is by night.

Here are some examples to fuel the fire:

Mostly soothing and a little happy. This master bedroom chose relaxing blue and green hues, with a soothing nature scene above the bed. It’s hard to resist climbing on the bed for a nap, isn’t it. However, those nice striped benches at the foot of the bed add a little dose of happy.


Mostly happy and a little soothing. On the flip side, you can go a little heavier on the happy with bright accents and wall art, while still using a soothing color for the base.


Balance soothing and happy. Nurseries often form the perfect balance of restful and happy with soothing base colors and a few sweet pictures, toys and accessories that add a bit of cheer.

Baby Blue Room Leslie Saul

Baby Room designed by Leslie Saul & Associates Architecture and Interiors.


If you’re planning to upgrade a bedroom interior design, search on Houzz and Pinterest for examples of bedrooms you like. Whether you’re a modernist or a bohemian, you’ll gain insight into the bedroom color schemes that work for you.

Are you having a hard time choosing the right combination of colors for your Cambridge home’s interior design? Contact LS&A Architecture and Interiors and we’ll be happy to hone in on the palate that suits you best.