LS&A Architecture and Interiors has been involved in the design of Senior Living Facilities around Boston and Miami for more than 20 years. In that time, we’ve seen quite a shift in the way these facilities¬†– now communities – are thought about.

Twenty years ago, the mission was to keep things durable as well as easy-to-clean and maintain. This led to Skilled Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Communities, and Rehabilitation Units that resembled hospitals more than the hotels and luxury homes they do today.

The modern Senior Living Community takes a whole different approach to design, creating vibrant environments that debunk many of the myths society has about seniors, such as:

  • Seniors don’t like color. Ever visited one of the drab, hospital-like environments we mentioned above? Compare that with communities like Sunrise Senior Living and The Hebrew SeniorLife¬†NewBridge on the Charles¬†Community Center, both of which are designed with color palates any homeowner would envy.

    Colorful Senior Spaces

    Colorful Senior Work station. Source:

  • Seniors don’t use computers. In fact, grandparents love the fact the social media platforms provide the opportunity to see, write and talk to loved ones on a daily basis, making long-distance living much less daunting.

    Media Rooms for Seniors

    Media Rooms for Seniors. Source:

  • Seniors don’t exercise. Good luck finding a desirable senior community that doesn’t offer a gym and exercise class roster that rivals your local health club.

    Senior Living Fitness Facility

    Senior Living Fitness Facility. Source:

  • Seniors don’t read poetry or plays. With more time on their hands, and technology that makes it easy to stream reading material, you may find the seniors in your life are better read than you are.

Is your decades-old senior living facility ready for an update? Contact Leslie Saul & Associates Architecture and Interior and we’ll help you create a community that puts all of the above myths to rest.